Vibration Forest

Alexandre Lévy

From plant communication to music


Alexandre Lévy Music and concept
Sophie Lecomte Plastic artist
Laurence Chave Percussion

Vibration Forest directly draws inspiration from communication between plants, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a network of vibrations, where they physically interact with the works that form the installation. Along with plastic artist Sophie Lecomte, composer Alexandre Levy imagined eight interactive and interconnected modules in which sound vibration cycles, based on those used by plants to communicate, are injected into the installation. Partially covered in electricity-conducting paints, which serve as sensors, the drawings etched on the modules can modify their waves when visitors touch them or place their faces against them, and then pass these changes on to the other modules, which will in turn react with echoes and reflections, forming a moving and unpredictable natural sound material. It offers a beautiful way to connect with the vibrations of the world!