La Miye aux tiroirs

New songs in Arpitan

Simon Andribet Vocals, body percussion, floor, crate, bottles, jar
Marion Fontana Vocals, hands, floor, sticks, jar
Jessy Ragey Vocals, chair, hands, floor, jar, bottle
Liliane Sanz Vocals, crate, hands, floor, chair, jar

Singing a minority language and feeding the many visions of the world... Since 2017, La Miye aux Tiroirs has rearranged for polyphony and performed songs in Arpitan (Franco-Provençal), the original language of a vast area including the Rhône-Alpes region. With ’Vèlyeûza’ (’The Watcher’, or ’She who keeps watch’ in Arpitan), they deal with the theme of the vigil, a moment when stories and songs are exchanged, reinventing it with traditional songs and literary texts adapted by the group, and integrating the various musical influences, from Africa, to Latin America, Réunion Island, blues and hip-hop, which have shaped the musicians’ careers.