The Very Big Expérimental Toubifri Orchestra

An inventive, experimental and refined big band

Corentin Quemener Drum kit, percussion
Lionel Aubernon Drum kit, percussion
Melissa Acchiardi Vibraphone, percussion
Alice Perret Keyboards
Lucas Hercberg Electric bass, percussion
François Mignot Electric guitar, percussion
Emmanuelle Legros, Félicien Bouchot, Yannick Pirri Trumpets, bugles
Alois Benoit Trombone, euphonium
Gregory Julliard Trombone, tuba
Stephanie Aurieres Baritone saxophone
Thibaut Fontana, Yannick Narejos Tenor saxophones
Antoine Mermet, Benjamin Nid Alto saxophones
Elodie Pasquier Clarinet
Mathilde Bouillot Flutes

Formed of 19 musicians, the Very Big Expérimental Toubifri Orchestra is loud, electric, spectacular, moving and refined, all at once. This orchestra searches far and wide to carefully select its repertoire. The result is a fantastic fusion of genres and an indefinable maelstrom, inspired by the widest possible range of influences and deeply marked by contemporary music. The absolute rule is that music should be taken to its extreme limits. The music ranges from indy rock to body and vocal percussion, instrumental or with lyrics in French, English and Italian, composed or improvised, or both at the same time. We take our hats off to anyone who manages to put them in a category!