Si loin, si proche

Abdel Sefsaf

Musical theatre and a return to the roots

Abdelwaheb Sefsaf Actor, singer
Georges Baux Keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
Nestor Kéa Live machines, guitars, theremin, backing vocals

In the 1980s, following twenty or so years living in France, it was time for North African immigrants to build a home in their country of origin. A return to the roots, with wife and children... Children born in France, where their fondest memories were formed, the "country of human rights" and a generous, intimate land, which they had to deny, like a hidden, shameful love. Told from different perspectives, ’Si loin si proche’ is the story of an immigrant family’s dreams of returning to the "promised land", set in the 1970s and 80s against the background of a "migrant crisis".