San Salvador

A choir with a punk rock spirit

Gabriel Durif Vocals, tambourine
Marion Lherbeil Vocals, Tom Bass
Sylvestre Nonique - Desvergnes Vocals, cymbal, bass drum
Eva Durif Vocals, hands
Thibault Chaumeil Vocals, Tom Bass
Laure Nonique-Desvergnes Vocals, hands

San Salvador is not a concert of music from faraway islands… San Salvador is a radical concert performed with six voices, two floor toms, twelve hands and a tambourine. Combining the raw poetry and energy of popular music with fine orchestration, the concert is a subtle alchemy of gentle and hypnotic vocal harmonies that are driven forward by relentless rhythms. The result is an unusual experience mingling tragedy and joy, of rare intensity, at a crossroads between trance, punk and math rock – rhythmic, warm, exhilarating and breathtaking at once.