Between oriental and contemporary music

Léonore Grollemund Cello, vocals
Amaryllis Billet Violin, vocals
Perrine Cado Scenography, lighting
Chloé Jullian Violin
Hélène Desaint Alto
Léa Yèche Cello

Mixing oriental and contemporary music, a string quartet, vocals and sound processing, the project Paratonnerre by Griffure examines the individual and collective subconscious involved in listening to music. Electroacoustic compositions, and an ancient and modern instrumentarium, establish a link between the various musical worlds, while the vocals explore words and articulated sounds, ranging from sense to nonsense, and storytelling to the absurd. Joined here by Quatuor A4&+, Griffure is accompanied by cellist Léonore Grollemund and violinist Amaryliss Billet, who are both open to various contemporary trends, from Stockhausen to Viorica de la Clejani.