No Tongues

Amerindian traditions of Guyana and contemporary jazz


Matthieu Prual Saxophone, clarinet
Ronan Prual Double bass
Ronan Courty Double bass
Alan Regardin Trumpet
Bruno Pilolo, Jacky Pawey, Steve Kouyouli, Jean-Etienne Couchili, Joachim Panapuy, Jammes Panapuy Vocals, percussion

No Tongues has been exploring vocal traditions from around the world for four years now. In August 2018, this quartet from Nantes set off for Guyana with instruments and recording equipment in tow, to meet the Teko and Wayampi Amerindians in the villages of Camopi and Trois-Sauts, a day’s canoeing down the Oyapock River. After returning to mainland France, they created ’Les voies de l’Oyapock’, using sounds collected during their stay, in which contemporary and improvised music meets ancestral Amerindian instrumental and vocal techniques. A few months later, No Tongues returned to Guyana to continue the exchange with the musicians they met, giving rise to a new creation. With Oyapock, No Tongues invites the Amerindian artists to share the stage with them. The quartet’s unique sonic vocabulary is enriched by the presence of their guests, who bring with them the pulse of the river and the vibrations of the Amazonian forest.