Nahasdzáán ou le monde scintillant

Thierry Pécou

Navajo oratorio for voices, ensemble, dancers and animals

Thierry Pecou Composer
Oliver Brignall (tenor) The younger brother – The Coyote
John Taylor Ward (bass) First Man – The elder brother – The Eagle
Noa Frenkel (contralto) First Woman – The Crow
Christie Finn (soprano) Woman-spider
Anne Cartel Flute
David Louwerse Cello
Laurène Durantel Double bass
Carjez Gerretsen Clarinet
Nicolas Prost Saxophone
Marie Vermeulin Electric piano
Elisa Humanes Percussion

Among the Navajo Indians (United States), medicine men and women conduct impressive healing ceremonies known as "Paths", during which songs and prayers, as well as the presence of the patient’s family and community, are involved in the healing process. Based on the chapbook written by Navajo poet Laura Tohe, the oratorio Nahasdzáán is intended as a free recreation of a Navajo "path". It reflects the dramatic wounds inflicted by modern man on ’Nahasdzáán’, the nourishing Earth, and shows the strength of the Navajo concept ’Hozho’, combining harmony, health and beauty. Live animals (owls, a wolf and an eagle) mingle with the dancers and performers. During this ritual that evokes the figures of Navajo mythology, the animals are concerned: what new worlds will humans create in order to heal the Earth and escape disaster ?