Monas SicoDélicas

Trio Cosmos

A cappella polyphonies

Laurine Arcel Song, percussion
Céline Koenig Song, percussion
Emilie Souillot Song, percussion
Coline Ménard Sound creator
Eric Fassa Stage designer
Olivier Defaÿsse Director

The bodies and voices of the singers are the only instruments used in Monas Sicodélicas. Familiar with the various forms of a cappella singing from around the world, the three members of Trio Cosmos develop original compositions and invent their own musical language in this creation. Through their singular a cappella polyphonies and body percussion, the singers seek to share the intimate, animal, secret part of their inner selves with the audience. From this deep and direct relationship is born the pleasure of listening and playing, and a close link between the performers and audience.