Mizara ny Tsara - Création pour choeurs d’enfants


From Malagasy traditions to vocal composition


Rajery Valiha, song
Varces schools choir

"It is the children who will replace us tomorrow" recalls Rajery (the ’y’ is silent). "Helping them to prepare and teaching them songs is my duty, but it’s also a huge pleasure." His pleasure is plain to see. This bubbly artist is at once an author, composer, singer, educator, music therapist and promoter of many musical events in his home island, as well as a virtuoso player of the ’valiha’, a tube zither made of bamboo that is a symbol of Madagascar. Having been commissioned by the festival, Rajery, an ambassador of the living music of Madagascar, is presenting us with the creation he has prepared following his residency in Varces, with a choir formed of children from local schools. It will offer a taste of the light, sincerity and charm of this red island that is open to the world, which the "Prince of the valiha" will undoubtedly have passed on to his young partners from Varces.