Laura Tohe & Dez Tillman

Poetry reading and playing of Navajo songs

Laura Tohé Reading
Dez Tillman Electric guitar

"When you arrive at a river / Or a lake or pond / One that you do not yet know / You must meet its spirit / Place your hand on its stomach / Feel its energy / Cherish its power / Stroke the source of life / Let it run over your hands / Say a prayer… " Laura Tohe, Navajo Nation Poet Laureate, expresses the dark and light sides of the Diné people (as the Navajo call themselves) with incredible sensitivity. Her books deal with boarding schools and female Amerindian writers, and her chapbook for the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra evokes a Navajo oratorio which she recreates with Thierry Pécou for the festival, in Nahasdzáán. This ’Salon de Musique’ looks ahead to the meeting…