La chanson de Renart

Fidel Fourneyron

A musical exploration of Reynard the Fox

Dalila Khatir Vocals
Fidel Fourneyron Trombone
Felicie Bazelaire Cello
Jean Dousteyssier Clarinet, harpsichord
Ronan Courty Double bass, synthesizer
Giani Caserotto Electric guitar
Vassilena Serafimova Marimba, percussion
Sylvain Lemêtre Percussion
Children’s choir of Collège Charles Münch

A figure of the European contemporary jazz scene, Fidel Fourneyron has found in the collection of fables that is Reynard the Fox the perfect material for unexpected explorations, having dreamed of working with voices and text for years. For this creation, he is linking up once again with fellow musician Dalila Khatir, an opera singer and performer with whom he shares an openness to new forms. Her voice tells the stories and the children’s choir responds, like a nod to the choruses of Ancient theatre. The musicians, including several multi-instrumentalists and two multi-percussionists, all improvisers, form an ensemble offering extraordinary sonic possibilities.