Olivier Strauch

A tale of tropical ecology


Writing and production, Olivier Strauch, with sharing of ideas and collaboration of Adèle Guillou and Éléonore André

Adèle Guillou Plumbea
Éléonore André Spevida
Olivier Strauch Kalankoué
Dominic Toutain Voice of Kalankoué
Olivier Strauch Musical composition
Sophie Grangerat Production assistant
Étienne Guichard Outside perspective
Catherine Béchetoille Scenography
Amandine Gomez Setting
Guillaume Boissonnet Sounds
Marie Mazille Clarinets
Patrick Reboud Accordion, piano
Michel Sanlaville Double bass
Le Carapa-Chœur

Through this ambitious artistic, ecological and scientific project, Olivier Strauch seeks to communicate botanist Francis Hallé’s warnings about the disappearance of the tropical primary forests, as well as his wonder and passion for life and the living world, to two twelve-year-old children – Adèle and Éléonore. They met Francis Hallé at his home, to submit their idea for a project and ask him questions about his writings. They then travelled to a tropical forest in Guyana to discover the environment, the people who live nearby and the scientists who study it, and then record the sounds of the forest and canopy. Finally, they wrote, produced and performed a musical tale – l’Ant(h)ropiquocène – based on materials gathered during the two previous stages.