Overtone singing from the steppes of Mongolia

Ariunbold Dashdorj Song, Khoomei, ikh khuur "horse head" bass fiddle, guitar
Batzorig Vaanchig Song, Khoomei, morin khuur "horse head" fiddle
Amarbayasgalan Chovjoo Backing vocals, yatga zither Chuluunbaatar Oyungerel Song, Khoomei, morin khuur "horse head" fiddle
Ulambayar Khurelbaatar Song, Khoomei, dombra lute Adiyadorj Gombosuren Song, Khoomei, flute and percussion

Handed down from generation to generation, the art of Khoomei, or Mongolian throat singing, makes it possible to produce several sounds at the same time. According to legend, it is derived from imitations of the sound of the wind, water and birdsong. The soloists of Khusugtun, an influential group among the young generation, practice overtone polyphony – the overlaying of several harmonised overtone singing techniques.