Hermeto ?

Kristof Hiriart & Jérémie Ternoy

A tribute to the great Brazilian musician Hermeto Pascoal

Kristof Hiriart Vocals and percussion
Jérémie Ternoy Piano

Because Hermeto Pascoal puts music in the right place, which is everywhere, inside and out, in doing and listening; because he is a great musician in the way he practices and teaches it; because they have an affinity with his way of thinking and feel close to his approach and inspirations; because, like him, they believe that music is a language in its own right, pianist Jérémie Ternoy and vocalist-percussionist Kristof Hiriat have created this tribute to the prolific Brazilian composer known as ’o bruxo’ (the wizard), ’o mago’ (the magician) or ’o campeão’ (the champion) due to his boundless capacity for creation.