Hâl, le voyage amoureux

Keyvan Chemirani

Wakefulness and loss of self

Keyvan Chemirani Zarb, percussion, santoor, artistic direction
Maryam Chemirani Song
Sylvain Barou Celtic flutes, bansuri flute, duduk, uilleann pipes
Bijan Chemirani Zarb, percussion, saz

The quest for Hâl, a state of ecstasy, wakefulness and loss of self-consciousness, is the basis for this latest creation by the Franco-Iranian master of the zarb, Keyvan Chemirani, who is accompanied on this occasion by the saz lute, played delicately by his brother Bijan, and the enchanting voice of his sister Mariam, along with flautist Sylvain Barou. Hâl seeks to open up the world of oriental modality to other influences, ranging from jazz to improvisation. Welcoming the mystery between the substance, the meaning of the poems, and the form, the rhythm and the musicality of the words, and opening up the instrumentarium of percussion with the addition of a drum kit, the graceful music of Hâl takes us on a romantic journey to the fringes of the self and beyond.