Gnawa Diffusion invite Souad Asla

Rock meets Berber and Gnawa music

Amazigh Kateb Song and guembri
Pierre Feugier Mandolin
Pierre Bonnet Bass
Philippe Bonnet Drum kit
Ptit Moh Mandolin
Amar Chaoui Percussion
Salah Meguiba et Blaise Batisse Keyboard
Souad Asla Vocals
Sabrina Cheddad, Aziza Tahri Song, dance and percussion

Gnawa Diffusion and Souad Asla! United by their shared Gnawa roots and thirst for collaboration, their coming together on stage for this unique concert seems natural. Gnawa Diffusion, a legendary Algerian group on Grenoble’s music scene, founded by Amazigh Kateb, which has become the symbol of a generation, joyfully crossing the boundaries between Berber, Kabyle, Gnawa, Raï, rock, rap, reggae and jazz music, has invited the "Voice of the Desert", Souad Asla – an artist of the new generation in Southern Algeria and a direct descendant of the Gnawa tradition that took root in Black Africa before spreading throughout the Maghreb – to join them for this festival. Dance, trance, songs and percussion will be joined together on the stage of La Belle Électrique !