Figures de l’exil

Silhouettes sonores

Plastic and sound art installation

Isabelle Carrier et Jérôme Ruillier Silhouette design Sound recordings
Eve Grimbert Sound creation

In the exhibition ’Figures de l’exil’ given during the 2015 edition of the festival, the cardboard Silhouettes carried clouds, like exiled people filled with their dreams and memories. At the entrance, visitors will be able to listen to them through headphones (provided) or on their smartphones: the beginning of the journey... It is as though the Silhouettes, until now silent, wanted to start telling us their stories... As though they had begun to sing or express their political views. As you wander through the crowd of colours and sounds, the absence of faces is intriguing. The faceless characters all turn their backs on us. Are they the backs of people leaving for another land, or the backs of those who avoid us when we reach a land of asylum ?