The Détours de Babel Festival

from the 15th of March to the 7th of April 2019 : « Crossroads »

At a time when the word ‘diversity’ is often used, cultural rights are coming up against the rise of xenophobic discourse and identity politics. While the southern hemisphere survives or, all too often, flees misery and repression, the northern hemisphere builds walls, protects its territories, closes its borders and isolates its culture.

In doing so, it forgets that it was built on the crossroads of migratory routes, sources of exchange and reciprocal acculturation, breeding grounds of ideas, art and culture…

The world is becoming increasingly mixed, as cultures come together and shape the world of tomorrow, whether we like it or not.
With its “transcultural” approach to creation, the Centre International des Musiques Nomades defends the free movement of imaginations, the “poetry of relationships”, and the insubordination of creativity.

The 2019 Détours de Babel Festival reflects this free and borderless musical dynamic, and these aesthetic migrations that enrich and refresh the contemporary music scene. It will offer three weeks of improbable artistic meetings, purposeful intermingling and hybridization, and Babelian detours that put the spotlight on music and culture from near and far, in phase with today’s world. Far from the fantasy of fusion, these meetings explore the links that are formed in the back-and-forth between the self and others, between Europe and Africa, or the Middle East and Asia, in a space where music frees itself of “geographical indications” to invent new, mixed flavours.

Benoit Thiebergien