The Détours de Babel Festival

from the 26th of March to the 19th of April 2020 : « 10 years of nomadic music »

The Détours de Babel have been celebrating shared music for ten years now in Grenoble and Isère. The music here is free, free from labels, cross-cultural and mixed, just like the world today.

Contemporary music is emerging from its specialized networks and inventing new routes. Jazz experiments and improvises escapes to the cultures of the world. World music revisits tradition and breaks free from its appellations of controlled origin.

Resisting categories, a new musical geography is being invented outside of marked circuits, in meeting, exchange, and the pleasure of difference and diversity, as a challenge to identity folds and the communitarization of minds.

As for the other editions, do not look for markers marked out through headliners, even if you may find some of them ... Let yourself rather be carried away by new music, improbable encounters, sound surprises to live live.

Ready for the adventure?

You will then hear how jazz and contemporary music rub shoulders with Russian folk songs, ancient music, sacred Cuban drums, Brazilian percussion, Middle Eastern maqâms, etc.

You will follow the song of the tracks of Native American cultures invoking the spirits of nature. You will come across the overtone song of Mongolia, Pakistani ragas, trance rhythms from the Maghreb, etc.

You will also see how musical machines can emancipate themselves from performers. How performers can break free from the score. How you can emancipate yourself from them by becoming a performer yourself and interacting live with the song of the plants!

So if you want to know more, check out this program and share it with your friends. And come and celebrate with us ten years of musical nomadism from here and elsewhere in tune with the vibrations of the world today.

Benoit Thiebergien