Bab Assalam invite Sylvain Julien

Sufi trance and circus poetry

Khaled Aljaramani Oud, song
Mohanad Aljaramani Percussion, oud, song
Raphaël Vuillard Clarinets, live electronics
Sylvain Julien Dance, hoops

Seven years after playing at the Citadel of Aleppo, alongside a dozen whirling dervishes, Bab Assalam reinvents the myth of the dervishes, in collaboration with Sylvain Julien, with a "whirling" concert where Sufi trance becomes circus poetry. A fragment of this work had already been proposed to Fort Barraux during the last edition of the Détours de Babel festival, but the audience have a chance here to appreciate the full extent of this homage, an ode to love, inspired by Sufi music and philosophy. This is a path that leads beyond the movement of bodies, and beyond time, to come together and spin with the planets and stars.