Quatuor Béla

Suite for pianist, string quartet and mechanical instruments

Compositions by Marco Stroppa, Francesca Verunelli, Raphaël Cendo, Frédéric Aurier, Albert Marcœur

Quatuor Béla
Frédéric Aurier Violin, nyckelharpa
Julien Dieudegard Violin
Julian Boutin Viola, hurdy-gurdy
Luc Dedreuil Cello
Wilhem Latchoumia Piano, synthesizers

On stage is a veritable cabinet of musical curiosities, including a barrel organ, pneumatic player piano, hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, Stroviol, gramophone, and more. For this new project, Quatuor Béla makes a clear departure from the territory of a string quartet! Through this collection of mechanical instruments, the performers and composers of an extraordinary concert question our contradictory relationship, mingling fascination and repulsion, with machines. Is the battle against these invulnerable rivals lost before it even begins, or will we witness a fertile encounter that transcends instrumental performance?