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Artists' Residencies 2012/2013

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« SACRED MOUNTAIN » Gualtiero Dazzi
Temps Relatif, Coro Monte Iron et Chœur de l’université de Grenoble

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France / Italy

Creation : Friday 5th april 2013 at the Odyssée - Eybens

Gualtiero Dazzi composition - Ensemble vocal Temps Relatif codirigé par Nadia Jauneau-Cury et Chrystèle Chovelon - Chœur Monte Iron (Italie) dirigé par Oscar Grassi - Chœur de l’Université de Grenoble dirigé par Anass Ismat

Traditional songs and contemporary choirs from across the Alps in Italy.

Choral singing is one of the oldest practices of community life, something that expresses daily our relationship with others, our homeland and the land that belongs to us or that possesses us… Sacred Mountain is the result of a collaboration between soloists from the Temps Relatif ensemble and two choirs, Coro Monte Iron, a traditional Italian choir of mountain folk from the Trentino, and the Grenoble University Choir of students and adults.
Gualtiero Dazzi, an Italian composer living in France, has come up with a libretto that combines traditional songs, selected works of Scelsi and his own compositions, written especially for this brand new collaboration.

More informations :
Interview with the italien compositor Gualtiero Dazzi here
Point of view of Emmanuel Cury, Temps Relatif here


Production CIMN. Coproduction Temps Relatif, Ville de Ragoli (Italie) & La Métro, with L’Odyssée - Eybens.

Creation of Llorenç Barber


France / Espagne

Creation : Saturday 6th april 2013 - Grenoble

Llorenç Barber composition and artistic direction - Stefano Colletti soloist carillon

With the cooperation of the pupils of the Academy of Grenoble, the SIM JEAN WIÉNER and the group IXCHEL.

Atmospheric concerto for carillon and bell towers

Composer, musician and musicologist, founder of groups, of meetings and festivals dedicated to the new musics, author of a monograph on John Cage, Llorenç Barber is a tireless musical activist. Since several years, he realizes concerts of bells worldwide. The 38ème Rugissants welcomed for the first time in 1998 his metallic symphony.

From the churches of St-Bruno, St-Louis, St-André, St-Laurent, from the basilica St-Joseph, the old holly Cécile convent and of the square Xavier Jouvin... the echos of the bell towers of Grenoble join those of an itinerant carillon, in a partition specially composed for the city of Grenoble. Flooded in the sounds of the urbanization, bells find here  the symbolic strength which saw them born. During the time of a unique concert, Llorenç Barber gives to the city the sense of conviviality where each, according to his position and its movements, perceives a different version from the same beating which gives rhythm to the city.


To look the photos of preparation of the concert.  

To learn more:
- Interview of Llorenç Barber ici.
- Point of view of Georges Pin, from the Jean Wiéner music school. 
- Point of view of Eric Sutter/ French Society of Campanologie and ofRichard Wleklinski/Association of Art Campanaire promotion.


Command and production CIMN

Creation of Driss El Maloumi and Debashish Bhattacharya


Maroc / Inde

Creation : Friday 12th april 2013 at the Hexagone Scène nationale Meylan

Driss el Maloumi (Maroc) oud - Debashish Bhattacharya (Inde) calcutta slide guitars - Said El Maloumi (Maroc) percussions orientales - Subhasis Bhattacharjee (Inde) tablas

A first meeting of Driss el Maloumi, who has the extraordinary control of Eastern maqam and Debashish Bhattacharya, who is a gifted inventor of the " Calcutta slide guitar " in 2009 led to the emergence of " Naghma " (meaning " musical mode " in two languages ​​, Arabic and Urdu) presented as a part of the festival climate of the university international city of Paris , under the artistic direction of Benoit Thiebergien .

For the 2013 edition of Détours de Babel, the CIMN has proposed the two musicians working together again to extend the meeting. Through partnership with the Hexagone Meylan, a week-long residency was established, allowing the two musicians accompanied by two percussionists to work in order to offer to the spectator an unique musical journey from the Maghreb to sub- Indian Subcontinent.


Command and production CIMN, with the support of the Hexagone, Scène nationale of Meylan

Creation of Renaud Garcia-Fons

voir voir

France / German / Iran

Creation : Tuesday 16th april at the Amphitheatre du Pont-de-Claix

Renaud Garcia-Fons double bass - Ensemble Razbar voice, stringed instruments, percussions - Bruno Caillat zarb, kanjeera - Claire Antonini âr, théorbe

When the CIMN asked the bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons: which project was the most interesting for him to make in 2013? He immediately thought to follow his dream to play with Razbar. Born from this dream, the "Djanan" project was conceived, edited and directed between summer 2012 and spring 2013.

With “Djanan”, Renaud Garcia-Fons, who is internationally known to be a bass virtuoso who takes his influences from world music, follows his search to establish link between cultures. Questioned by the communicative fervor which emanates from Razbar music, vocal and instrumental ensemble of Iranian Kurdish origin, Renaud Garcia-Fons wanted this meeting, respectful of tradition and its sacred character.

The three French musicians of the project went to Germany for the first phase of residence. Then the musicians Razbar came to France for a week residency at the Amphitheatre of Pont-de-Claix. "Djanan" joined improvised music and Western classical music thanks to the presence of Claire Antonini to târ and theorbo and Iranian music, throughout the way to play of Bruno Caillat with zarb and kanjeera and thanks to the Razbar group. Between the sacred and the profane, the East and the West, the writing and the improvisation, " Djanan " invites you to a unique moment of communication.


Command and production CIMN, with the partnershio of the Amphithéâtre – Pont-de-Claix

Creation of La Forge and Les Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble



Creation : Wednesday 17th april 2013 at the MC2: Grenoble

La Forge and the Cie Nine Spirit : Raphaël Imbert saxophone - Michel Mandel clarinets - François Raulin piano - Pascal Berne double bass - Emmanuel Scarpa battery
Les Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble : Thibault Noally violin - Geneviève Staley-Bois violin - Laurent Lagresle violin - Simon Dariel violin - Nadine Davin viola - Pascal Gessi cello
Yohann Moulin harpesichord

Nicolas Bayard sound

Born of the desire to bring together the improvisations of baroque music and the contemporary jazz, the creation "Le Son du Ciel et des Ténèbres" is a real throw in of the baroque repertoire of sacred music. This project was built as a dialogue between two groups as a mirror: the excellence and virtuosity of the string sestet from the internationally renowned orchestra " Les Musiciens du Louvre " is tinged with the spontaneous freedom of the improvising musicians of the collective " La Forge " who are true adventurers and prolific composers of contemporary jazz, accompanied for the occasion by the improvising saxophonist Raphael Imbert also customary aesthetic crosses (for example the project " Bach Coltrane ").

The residence took place in several stages between November 2012 and April 2013, at the Salle Olivier Messiaen in Grenoble and at the Durance Theatre (Château-Arnoux/Saint-Auban). The project will be included on the 2013 /2014 season, and on the season 2014/2015.

 "Le Son du Ciel et des Ténèbres" carries a large project with a great ambition: take a look beyond the horizon, beyond " that line that seems to separate the Earth and the Sky."


Coproduction CIMN, La Forge Group, Musiciens du Louvre - Grenoble and Théâtre Durance - Château-Arnoux/Saint-Auban.

Creation of Pierre Henry



Creation : Friday 19th april 2013 at the MC2 Grenoble

The Detours of Babel asked to the electronic music pioneer Pierre Henry to compose a new piece from the "Messe pour le Temps Présent". This one is created in 1967 at the Avignon festival for the ballet of Maurice Béjart and was a liturgical ceremony transcended by the dance which linking traditional rites to modern life.

"Historically the history of mythologies was my point of reference for my inspiration. Today, after half a century of secular and sacred works, I wanted to find through “Fragments rituels”, this idea of ​​a universal liturgy through music, as a meditation. The music of “Fragments rituels” is developed around a core: the movement. This movement is in the nature of sensation. This feeling can’t remain isolated, reduced to itself it’s an ebb and flow. And this progressive and successive stream extends itself, meets himself regularly as following a law.”

Pierre Henry

Command and production CIMN

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