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Artists' Residencies 2011/2012

The CIMN has lined up several residencies and commissioned and co-produced events on the 2012 theme of ‘Music and Politics'. These residencies took place between September 2011 and April 2012 and received their largest audiences during the 2nd edition of the Détours de Babel festival from 23 March -7 April 2012 and our partner venues.

New work by Ray Lema

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France / Congo DRC / Belgium

New work : Friday 23rd March 2012 - Hexagone Meylan


Ray Lema piano, vocals, composition - Freddy Massamba vocals, percussions, laptop - Irving Acao-Sierra saxophone - Henri Dorina bass - Vivianne Arnoux accordion - Tshimanga Mwamba luba drum, djitumba, tumba - Tandjolo Yatshi lokombe slit drum - Ngalula Cécile vocals, clave - KMS (Kin Maffia Style) Pasciphik PHK & 2 boul vocals, lyrics

Ray Lema is a master drummer, pianist, singer, composer and musical adventurer, and for over 30 years, he has been putting his African vision of composition into practice. At present, Ray Lema is thinking, doubting, rebelling, worrying and dreaming. His quest for the structures of African music goes hand in hand with his questioning, his doubts and his commitment to the fight for the tolerance and respect of all peoples.

“Station Congo”, commissioned by the Festival, affords him the opportunity of returning, after 32 years, to his native country: today’s Congo, with its energy and its battles, and to unite traditional artists from Congo, as well as the new generation of urban musicians from Kinshasa, all spurred on by the power of words in the fight against violence, war and inevitability in a country hard hit in its history and culture.

Commande et production CIMN/2012 en partenariat avec L’Hexagone - Scène nationale de Meylan, en coproduction avec la Fondation Royaumont et avec le soutien de l’Institut Français et de la Délégation Wallonie-Bruxelles de Kinshasa.

Cie Fabrique des Petites Utopies / Orchestre Braslavie

Europe / Latin America / Africa / Asia

New work : Saturday 24th March 2012 / All day long - Grenoble and its surroundings / 8 pm - Parc Paul Mistral Grenoble

Bruno Thircuir mise en rue - Musiques en marches : Philippe Kodeko (Nord - Europe/Balkans), Eric Capone (Sud - Afrique), Nizar Baraket / Collectif Dyade (Orient - Monde Arabe), Grégory Orlarey (Occident - Amériques) -  Bruno Théry Bestiaire utopique - François Gourgues Machineries roulantes - Catherine Réau Construction et accessoires

“How to write about the world’s utopias? How to write about a journey for spectators neatly lined up along an avenue? How to make everyone listen to the noise of the world, when they are simply expecting a colourful parade?”

The Détours de Babel is associating with the “Fabrique des Petites Utopies” for a big parade through the streets of the Grenoble metropolitan area. A giant convoy, made up of four “World Floats” (western, eastern, Latin-American and African) surrounded by over a thousand young participants, winding through the streets of Crolles, Eybens, Fontaine and the Mistral Quarter before crossing through the centre of Grenoble and stopping right smack in the middle of Paul Mistral Park for a big dance to world music rhythms.

Production Fabrique des Petites Utopies en coproduction avec le CIMN, la Ville de Voiron, d’Eybens, de Fontaine et de Cran Gevrier dans le cadre du réseau de villes Rhône-Alpes.

New work by Das Kapital / Guest André Minvielle

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France / Denmark / Germany

New work : Tuesday 27th March 2012 - La Source/Fontaine

Edward Perraud drums - Hasse Poulsen guitar - Daniel Erdmann saxophone - Guest : André Minvielle vocals

What does democracy sound like? Music accompanies revolts, and certain melodies and songs are identified as revolutionary symbols. However, these same songs later become pillars of conformism, as often happens with national anthems, which frequently begin their lives as songs of revolt and defiance.

Das Kapital, a dynamic trio on the free jazz scene, veterans of both improvisation and interpretation, invites us to revisit the hymns and songs of revolt, in the company of the rebel singer André Minvielle and with the help of the children’s choir of two classes from Fontaine, led by Brigitte Calvi.

Commande et production du CIMN en partenariat avec La Source – Fontaine.

New Work by Mike Ladd


USA / Irak

New work : Wednesday 28th March 2012 - La Source/Fontaine

Mike Ladd artistic director, poet and performerAhmed Abdul Hussein poet, performer  - Maurice Decaul poet, veteran - Vijay Iyer composer, improviser, pianist and music director - Serge Teyssot-Gay electric guitar - Ahmed Mukhtar oud - Mona Ghosn
translation Arabic / English - Rola El-Sayed translation Arabic / French

This ambitious project emerged from the idea of putting one of the bloodiest conflicts of the beginning of the 21st century into sound, of course, but perhaps even more importantly, into words. This war is the one in Iraq. These are words that American soldiers uttered to Mike Ladd, a slammer and poet from New York, who then transformed them into original poems of rare intensity. The next step was to give life to Sleep Song, with the words of an Iraqi: Ahmed Abdul Hussein. Like Mike Ladd, Hussein used the war as a source and turned this material into poems.

How can the sounds of English and Arabic, carried by music, carve out a path people can take? If nothing other than to ensure that each ex-enemy regains an identity, Sleep Song is worth it...

Production Fondation Royaumont en coproduction avec le CIMN, Théâtre de l’Odéon, Festival Villes des Musiques du Monde, Maison du Théâtre et de la Danse / Ville d’Epinay-sur-Seine, Banlieues Bleues, et avec le soutien de la Sacem, la Maison Française de la Columbia University, Ambassade de France en Irak, Centre Culturel Français à Bagdad, Harlem Stage (New-York), Transeuropéennes, BANIPAL.



France / Argentine

New work : Thursday 29th March 2012 - Amphithéâtre/Pont-de-Claix

Temps Relatif vocal ensemble - Luc Denoux conducting - Alejandro Viñao electronics

Reflecting the recent global financial crisis, “Greed” is a compelling, original work that takes on its full meaning in the excesses of financial capitalism. The Argentine composer Alejandro Viñao evokes the intense desire for riches and power that characterises people in our contemporary society.

Although the show’s music is mostly inspired by popular dances, from hip-hop to the tango, the relationship to texts (money seen by Quevedo, Molière, Shakespeare and Marx) and to advertising slogans also gives Viñao precious material to create a compelling work for voice and electronics.

Commande et production CIMN/2012, en partenariat avec Temps Relatif et l’Amphithéâtre de Pont-de-Claix.

New work by Murcof and Edgar Amor


France / Mexico

New work : Friday 30th March 2012 - Hexagone Meylan

Murcof electronics and signal processing - Jose Luis Ramirez vocals and Huichol violin Enrique Ramirez Huichol guitar Dominique Mahut percussion section - Edgar Amor guitar and électronics - Guest : Erik Truffaz trumpet

Wixarika est un projet du musicien mexicain Murcof, qui évolue surtout dans les milieux de la musique électro. Le CIMN lui a proposé de travailler à l’écriture d’une pièce autour de la culture et de la musique huichole, ce peuple qui se bat au Mexique pour la protection de ses terres.
Murcof est parti à la rencontre de ces musiciens en septembre 2010, les a enregistré en studio pour écrire une oeuvre à partir de leurs musiques. Suite à l’annulation de l’année du Mexique (2011), la résidence de travail a été reportée d’un an et a pu avoir lieu à
l’Hexagone de Meylan du 25 au 30 mars 2012.
Pour des raisons de politique de frontière, les musiciens huichols n’ont finalement pas été autorisés à entrer sur le territoire de l’Union Européenne, malgré leurs papiers en règle.
Néanmoins, la création de Wixarika a été maintenue à Grenoble, Bourgoin‐Jallieu et Nanterre, avec Murcof, Edgar Amor, Dominique Mahut et Erik Truffaz.

Cliquez ici pour consulter la page du concert.

Commande et production CIMN/2012, en partenariat avec l’Hexagone - Scène nationale de Meylan, Festival de Saint Denis et Maison de la musique de Nanterre. Avec le soutien de l’Institut Français.

“AGORA” (Politico Teatro)
New work by La Marmite Infernale & Michele Tadini


France / Italy

New Work : Tuesday 3rd April 2012 - La Rampe Echirolles

Michele Tadini composition - Jean Aussanaire, Jean-Paul Autin, Eric Vagnon, Guy Villerd saxophones - Patrick Charbonnier trombone - Jean-François Charbonnier tuba - Jean Mereu trumpet - Xavier Garcia sampler, processing - Olivier Bost guitare - Jean Bolcato, Eric Brochard stringbass - Michel Boiton, Christian Rollet, Alfred Spirli drums, percussion section

For the festival, “La Marmite Infernale” of the ARFI crossed the Alps to collaborate with the Italian composer, Michele Tadini.

After being prepared beforehand with the musicians of the Jean Wiener Conservatory (Echirolles / Le Pont-de-Claix), the musical proposals of “La Marmite Infernale" will be channelled into a “musical agora” during the evening show. In keeping with the concept prized by Plato, this space of exchange and confrontation, featuring interactive installations and videos made by Tadini himself, will provide us with proof that music is, first and foremost, a matter of sharing and meeting.

Commande de la Marmite Infernale au compositeur Michele Tadini, en coproduction avec Musiques en Scènes (GRAME), CIMN/2012 et l’ARFI.

David Murray / Last Poets / Gregory Porter / Harriet Tubman Trio


France/ USA / Middle East

New work : Friday 6th april 2012 - MC2 : Grenoble

David Murray music director, saxophone Gregory Porter vocals HARRIET TUBMAN TRIO J.T. Lewis drums, Brandon Ross guitar Melvin Gibbs bass THE LAST POETS Abiodun Oyewole Umar Bin Hassan slam DOCTOR L Liam Farrell VJ with Emory Douglas' Visuals

The saxophonist and composer David Murray brings together the New York group Harriett Tubman, with its fusion of 90‘s funk, rock, metal and rap in the US, and finally, the Last Poets, the real precursors of American rap. It is this last group, by writing eight powerful poems inspired by the works of Emory Douglas (art designer and culture minister of the Black Panthers) that provides the fuel for this evening, which, of course, is very political.

Commande et production Festival Sons d’Hiver/ 3D Family / CIMN

Pascal Berne


Saturday 7th April 2012

Pascal Berne, François Raulin, Michel Mandel composition and artistic direction - Transmusical de Vienne - Espérance de Vernosc - Harmonie de Saint-Marcel-les-Valence - Harmonie de La Mure - JAV Contreband de Valence - Brass Band Micromegas de Grenoble

How about a massive concert band to stir things up a bit? Directly inherited from the French Revolution, the French fondness for loud brass bands has been a national tradition since the early 19th century.

Paying tribute to these bands that embody the musical heritage of French associations, a stage band of… 250 amateur and professional musicians will perform a new piece by the composer and musician Pascal Berne on Saint-André Square, like on the village square, in the olden days.

Commande et production CIMN, en complicité avec la Forge-CIR

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