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Détours de Babel productions and commissioned events are promoted across Europe by CIMN partners and performance venues.

New work by Cie (Mic)zzaj / Pierre Badaroux



Creation > Thursday 10th april 2014 - Amphithéâtre Pont-De-Claix
Available on the distribution

Pierre Badaroux

conception and musical composition, double bass, electric bass and electronic

Bruno Angelini


Nicolas Larmignat

drum kit and electronics

Thierry Péala

spoken text and singing

Laurent Sellier

live electronics

A musical plunge into the heart of climatic urgency

Clima(x) is a "documentary-concert", a musical immersion into climate change issues. An adaptation of Philippe Squarzoni's documentary comic book "Saison Brune", it features a labyrinth of voices, instrumental music, and transformed sounds, archives and advertisements from a world devoted to consumption – broadcast via a circular stage set-up that holds us at times attentive and at times abandoned.

Pierre Badaroux composes a contemporary music of the present, combining improvisation with repetitive forms... The musicians simultaneously create documentary rigor and a dreamy acoustic atmosphere around this hot topic.

As a scientific and political assessment, this story helps us to perceive the improbability of a behavioral change that could finally limit climate change and its serious consequences.

Miczzaj production. Coproduction CIMN, in partnership withe the Amphithéâtre of Pont-de-Claix. Support in production : la Ferme de Bel Ebat-Ville of Guyancourt. With the contribution of Carré Belle Feuille - City of Boulogne-Billancourt, of Teater Simone Signoret - City of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. With the financial support of the General Council of Savoie, of the DRAC Rhône-Alpes and the region Rhône-Alpes. The compagny (Mic)jazz is subsidized by the General Council of the Savoie, and helped in the structuring by the DRAC Rhône-Alpes.

Antiquarks invites Pura Fé

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Creation > Saturday 5th april 2014 - L’heure bleue Saint-Martin-d’Hères
Available on the distribution

Richard Monségu

singing, timpani

Sébastien Tron

crankset, chorus

Jean Claver Tchoumi

« Chouchoubass » bass, chorus

Guillaume Lavergne

guitare, cor, chorus

Julien Lachal

saxophone alto, clarinet bass, ethnic flutes, whistles, accessories

Pura Fé

voice, steel guitar

Antiquarks invites Pura Fé

Antiquarks proposes an encounter with Gaia and the cultures of Mother Earth, inspired by American Indian music and pygmy songs.

For this creation, Antiquarks will be performing with Pura Fé, a politically committed American singer with Tuscarora Indian blood on her mother's side, who emphasizes the historical link between blacks and Indians in the American South. Her interpretations and her lap steel technique navigate between Amerindian influences and the blues, and explore the affirmation of a political conscience as much as her own personal questioning.

Somewhere between an alter-globalist local dance and a planetary rock opera, vibrating to the rhythms of the African bush and Caribbean celebrations, Antiquarks invites the public to experience something unusual: to invent their own dance to the tune of this hallucinating and liberating music.

Production CIMN, in co-production with Antiquarks / L’heure bleue, Saint-Martin-d’Hères

Hubert Reeves & Ensemble Calliopée


Creation > Thursday 27th march 2014 - Hexagone Scène nationale Arts Sciences Meylan
Available on the distribution

Hubert Reeves


Ensemble Calliopée

Karine Lethiec
viola, artistic director

Maud Lovett

Diana Ligeti

Anne-Cécile Cuniot

Chen Halevi

Frédéric Lagarde

Cosmological stories and music of the spheres

A dialogue between the astrophysicist Hubert Reeves and the musician Karine Lethiec, focused on the creation of the universe and musical creation, this "Hymn to Nature" is a kaleidoscope reflecting the many themes of Reeves' works.

His words are illustrated by a screening of remarkable photos, linking the eye to the mind and ear. Cosmophonies mixes art with science as in Leonardo da Vinci's era.

The Ensemble Calliopée and Hubert Reeves tell us with notes, words, colors, textures, dreams… that the cosmic seed is present in each and every one of us and in every blade of grass.

Production CIMN, in partnership with Hexagone Scène National Arts Sciences of Meylan

Creation Camel Zekri / Pygmées de la Centrafrique


Algérie / Centrafrique

Creation > Friday 11th april 2014 - Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences Meylan
Available on the distribution

Camel Zekri

guitar, gembri, musical informatic

Prosper Kota

singing and percussion

Jean-Pierre Mongoa

singing, harp and percussion

Orchy Nzaba

dance and voice

Lionel Palun


Dominique Chevaucher

shooting, photography

An encounter with the polyphony of the Central African forest

On the banks of the Lobaye, a river on the edge of the tropical forest between the Central African Republic and Congo-Brazzaville, Camel Zekri, a musician and composer of Algerian origin, discovered the Aka Pygmies in 2000. This most ancient nomad population in the world invented free polyphony.

Their songs evoke the forest, hunting and legends. Although their rights are threatened by deforestation and civil war, they continue to fight for their survival and that of their traditions.

Fourteen years of hard work were necessary to create this musical complicity between Camel Zekri and the Aka Pygmies.

In this piece, ancestral vocal art merges with Zekri's compositions, resulting in a hybrid music in which hocketing meets the guitar and electroacoustics, accompanied by videos shot in the town of Bangui, in the forest, on the river or in the swamps.

Coproduction The Improvised Arts / International Center of the Nomadic Musics Bends of Babel / in partnership with Hexagone - Scène Nationale Arts-Sciences of Meylan with the support of the OIF and Césaré - National Center of Musical Creation

Creation Trio d'Argent & flûtistes du Conservatoire de Grenoble


Creation > Saturday 12th april 2014 - salle Olivier Messiaen Grenoble
Available on the distribution

Argent Trio

Michel Boizot, François Daudin Clavaud et Xavier Saint-Bonnet

Léon Milo
sound designer

Flutists and percussions of the Academy of Grenoble

The creation of the world according to the Abenaki Indians

"In the beginning of the world, the Creator, whom the Abenaki Indians call Tabaldak, created the earth, and for them the earth became Tabaldak's garden..."

"The Garden of Tabaldak", composed by Leon Milo (USA) and François Daudin Clavaud (Argnet Trio), takes its inspiration from the mythology of the Abenaki Indians, a native people located in both Quebec and the United States, and the sound of daybreak in nature. Birdsong seems to participate in the development of a process of creation, renewed with each new dawn.

This "impressionist" piece for flute and percussion ensemble, composed during a residency at the Grenoble Conservatory, will be interpreted by some 60 music students from Grenoble. The performance will be repeated again at the Abbaye de Noirlac.

Command CIMN / Abbaye de Noirlac, production CIMN in partnership with the CRR Grenoble

New work of Driss El Maloumi and Debashish Bhattacharya


Maroc / Inde

Creation > Friday 12th April 2013 - Hexagone Scène nationale - Meylan
Reprise > Thursday 9th may 2013- Festival « Jazz sous les pommiers » - Coutances
Available on the distribution

Teaser NAGHMA #2

Driss el Maloumi (Maroc)


Debashish Bhattacharya (Inde)

calcutta slide guitars

Said El Maloumi (Maroc)

percussions orientales

Subhasis Bhattacharjee (Inde)


A completely new combination of maqams from the Maghreb and ragas from India
Moroccan oudist Driss el Maloumi likes to combine his extraordinary mastery of oriental maqams with other world musics. Debashish Bhattacharya, the gifted inventor of the Calcutta slide guitar, tours with world with his three guitars and his unique adaptations of traditional Hindustani ragas. When they meet in Naghma, which means "musical craze" in both Arabic and Urdu, maqams and ragas draw from the shared origin of their respective musicalities, the spirituality that has shaped the extraordinary musical wealth of these two cultures. 

Production CIMN, with the support of the l’Hexagone, Scène nationale de Meylan

New work of "La Forge" and "Les Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble"


Creation > Wednesday 14th april 2013 - MC2: Grenoble
Reprise > Friday 8th november 2013 - Théâtre Durance, Château-Arnoux / Saint-Auban
Available on the distribution

La Forge et la Cie Nine Spirit

Raphaël Imbert
Michel Mandel
François Raulin
Pascal Berne
Emmanuel Scarpa

Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble

Geneviève Staley-Bois
Thibault Noally

Laurent Lagresle
Simon Dariel
Nadine Davin
Pascal Gessi
Yohann Moulin

Nicolas Bayard

From baroque religious works to improvisation

Taking religious works by Rameau, Couperin, Gesualdo, Purcell and others as its starting point, this project takes the form of a dialogue between two groups of musicians who mirror each other. The virtuoso strings of Les Musiciens du Louvre meet the untethered spontaneity of the musicians of La Forge, adventurers in contemporary jazz. The Sound of the Heavens and the Darkness extends its gaze beyond the horizon, past the "line that appears to separate the Earth from Heaven."

Coproduction CIMN, La Forge Group, Musiciens du Louvre - Grenoble and Durance Theatre - Château-Arnoux/Saint-Auban.

New work of Renaud Garcia-Fons


France / Asie Centrale / Iran

Creation > Tuesday 16th april 2013 - L’Amphithéâtre - Le Pont-de-Claix
Available on the distribution

Solo Renaud Garcia-Fons

Renaud Garcia-Fons


Ensemble Razbar

chant, instruments à cordes, percussions

Bruno Caillat

zarb, kanjeera

Claire Antonini

âr, théorbe

A blend of jazz, early music and Iranian Kurdish song.

Renaud Garcia-Fons is a world-famous virtuoso of the double bass whose inimitable style is influenced by music from all over the world. With Djânân he enters a new phase in his quest to establish links between different cultures. Struck by the communicative fervour of the music of Razbar, a ensemble of Iranian Kurdish origin, Renaud Garcia-Fons came up with this collaboration, which is open, respectful of tradition and its religious nature, and enriched by elements borrowed from early music and jazz.

Command and production CIMN, in partnership with the Amphithéâtre of Pont-de-Claix.

New Work by Das Kapital


France / Denmark / Germany

New work Tuesday 27th March 2012 - La Source/Fontaine
Available on the distribution

Extrait du concert donné à La Source, le 27 mars 2012.

Edward Perraud


Hasse Poulsen


Daniel Erdmann


Guest :
André Minvielle


What does democracy sound like?
Music accompanies revolts, and certain melodies and songs are identified as revolutionary symbols. However, these same songs later become pillars of conformism, as often happens with national anthems, which frequently begin their lives as songs of revolt and defiance.

Das Kapital, a dynamic trio on the free jazz scene, veterans of both improvisation and interpretation, invites us to revisit the hymns and songs of revolt, in the company of the rebel singer André Minvielle and with the help of the children’s choir of two classes from Fontaine, led by Brigitte Calvi.

Command and production DDB/2012 in partnership with La Source - Fontaine

New work by Alejandro Viñao/Temps Relatif

France/ Argentina

New work Thursday 29th 2012 - Amphithéatre/ Le Pont-de-Claix
Available on the distribution

Alejandro Vinao


Temps Relatif

vocal ensemble

Luc Denoux


Reflecting the recent global financial crisis, “Greed” is a compelling, original work that takes on its full meaning in the excesses of financial capitalism. The Argentine composer Alejandro Viñao evokes the intense desire for riches and power that characterises people in our contemporary society.

Although the show’s music is mostly inspired by popular dances, from hip-hop to the tango, the relationship to texts (money seen by Quevedo, Molière, Shakespeare and Marx) and to advertising slogans also gives Viñao precious material to create a compelling work for voice and electronics.

Command and production DDB, in partnership with Temps Relatif and the Amphithéâtre of Pont-de-Claix.



Belgium / India / Tibet

New work Friday 22nd April 2011 MC2: Grenoble
Reruns 2011

2nd May 2011 - auditorium UCL / Louvain-la-neuve (Belgium)
15th May 2011 - Festival van vaanderen, Kortrijk (Belgium)
16th May 2011 - Espace Senghor, Brussels (Belgium)
Reruns 2012
8th November 2012 - Flagey, Brusells (Belgium)
9th November2012 - November Music, Den Bosch (Netherlands)
10th November 2012 - Tropentheater, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
13th November 2012 - De Bijloke, Gand (Belgium)
21st November 2012 - De Roma, Anvers (Belgium)
Available on the distribution

Sonic Mantras - Festival 2011 (France 3)

Jozef Dumoulin

fender rhodes

Fabian Fiorini


Gilbert Nouno 


Jean-Luc Lehr


Chander Sardjoe


Bo Van Der Werf

saxophone, composition

Gyuto Monks 

Choenyi Gyaltso, Ngawang Chodhen, Lobsang Palden, Sonam Dorjee,  Dhondup Tsering, Lobsang Dawa

A unique project: the Octurn ensemble immerses itself in the authentic world of ritual chanting, as performed by the monks of Gyuto Monastery. The score written for Octurn’s musicians melts into these hypnotic states.

For this project, the Tibetan chanting monks have agreed to change their traditional way of working, with a view to exploring and experimenting with new techniques. This ritual chanting, introduces Octurn to an extremely sophisticated culture and philosophy which, though several thousand years old, is now threatened with extinction…

Command and production DDB/2011

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