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Chantiers 2011 / 2012

Seven projects selected this year will be presented at the 2nd edition of Détours de Babel, from March 23rd to April 7th 2012.

acousmatic piece by Antony Maubert
mixed piece by Sébastien Béranger


Création : Mardi 27 mars 2012, Auditorium du Musée de Grenoble lors des Détours de Babel

Opening Act

Antony Maubert


Main Act

Sébastien Béranger

composition, electronic live

Charlotte Testu

string bass

Opening Act

“For Your Security”

In his piece, Antony Maubert works with the audio and visual announcements frequently found in public places: “For your security you are being filmed”.

The music oscillates between a fantasy world and a real world, which can only be conveyed through the electroacoustic techniques used during the concert. Between control and liberty, it is our contemporary, complex society that will be scrutinized (musically).

Main Act

“Comme Accoudées Au Zinc” (At The Bar)

A piece for electric double bass and electroacoustic system, but also a “mixed piece with narrative tendencies”. The voice is there, right from the very first breath. It speaks to us mockingly, about everything and anything: “Let’s go. Yes, I've been here since 1972. I am from Congo-Brazzaville. Hitler would spank you. We had to come free you." This improbable voice of a former driver, with its low tone, comes from the playing of the double bass. The voice and the double bass resist each other and argue; reinventing the world as if they were at a bar counter.

Production CIMN in partnership with Fondation Orange.

Performance by Rémi Godichaud and Laurie Rousseville

Création : Mercredi 28 mars 2012, Salle Messiaen / Grenoble lors des Détours de Babel

Rémi Godichaud
Laurie Rousseville


This performance by Laurie Rousseville and Rémy Godichaud, two politically like minded artists, tells us a story: an actress carefully follows a playback with a soundtrack comprising numerous voices.

This piece criticizes artistic productions, which, under the cloak of political neutrality, promote an ideological discourse, as well as productions that join in with the endless litanies facing the unalterable horizon of capitalism.

Production CIMN in partnership wiith Fondation Orange. With the support of GMVL (Lyon).

Mixed Piece By Thomas Chabalier


Création : Jeudi 29 mars à La Bobine / Grenoble lors des Détours de Babel

Thomas Chabalier


Alexandre Perrot

string bass

Quentin Coppalle


For “Une oreille diplomate” (A Diplomatic Ear), excerpts from speeches by politicians provide  a background for music composed by Thomas Chabalier, for the cello, vibraphone and flute. This political discourse reveals moral and philosophical values, the speaker’s political validity and emotional commitment and the lyrical message carried.

Production CIMN in partnership with Fondation Orange.

Cine-Concert by Györg Projekt

Création : Vendredi 30 mars 2012, Salle Messiaen / Grenoble lors des Détours de Babel

Nicolas Sidoroff

composer, trumpet

Armelle Cordonnier


Antoine Renon


Agnès Demeulenaere

oboe and English horn

Clélia Bobichon


Sébastien Sauvage

percussion section

Michaël Castrichini


“Eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep, eight hours of freedom.” Based on this workers’ movement slogan, specifically from Russia in 1917, Györg Projekt will present a visually compelling concert. This creation is a sort of dialogue between two avant-garde directors, Dziga Vertov (cine-eye) and Sergei Eisenstein (cine-fist), between their visions of the world of work, politics, machinery and human beings.

Production DDB

Piece by Benoit Black

Création : Mardi 3 avril à La Bobine / Grenoble lors des Détours de Babel

Benoît Black

composition, direction, electric guitars

Tomas Bozzato

direction, production
and video projection

Emmanuel Fitte-Duval

direction, drums,
percussion section

Violaine Soulier,
Nicolas Lopez


Pierre Marinet


Elisabeth Renau


Lucas Hercberg

string bass

Who are we when we are going 130 km/h in a non-place, surrounded by thousands of other anonymous solitudes, juxtaposed and unknown to one another? How do our bodies fit into this no man’s land?

“Lignes de Fuites” allows us to exit the flow and look at it, inviting the listener to enter into another timescale, to set aside agitation to make our ways in an infinitely small world, favourable to meditation, capable of modifying our perceptions.

Production CIMN in partnership with Fondation Orange.

Pauline Maucort and Julie Beressi

Création : Lundi 26 mars 2012, Hall d'honneur de l'Hôtel de Ville / Grenoble lors des Détours de Babel

Pauline Maucort
Julie Beressi

Sound Installation

Declarations, controversies, debates, slogans, party anthems, news about the lives of candidates: at each election, private life emerges onto the political scene. “Le Confessionor” has drawn inspiration from this fact to compose six scores, of which the raw material is testimony from militants and lambda citizens, archive sounds and the music of political parties, presented in the form of a sound installation composed of six cubicles and two confessionals. Spectators can participate too: their voices are recorded for the creation of an ultimate sound piece, made up of confessions, reflections and revelations.

Production CIMN in partnership with Fondation Orange.

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