Archie Shepp / Napoleon Maddox / Phat Jam meet Via Katlehong Dance

USA / South Africa

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7 to 25€

Commande CIMN - création
Archie Shepp


Napoleon Maddox

slam and beat box

Sil Matadin


Tom Mc Clung

Fender Rhodes

Hamid Drake


Cochemea Gastelum


Via Katlehong Dance

pantsula, south-african urban dance

At the age of 73, Archie Shepp is old enough to remember the complete history of jazz, but he also carries with him the entire tradition of Afro-American music, yet at the same time he tears down its borders, and dares to create encounters with other musical worlds.
“Pantsula” is a South African urban dance, and six members of the Via Katlehong Dance Company from East Rand, will join him to perform on stage. This dance, which came into being in South Africa’s townships, is the urban expression of a new generation, like hip-hop in the USA and Europe.


Commande et production DDB

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