« Wixarika project » by Murcof
with Edgar Amor and huichol musicians.
Guest : Eric Truffaz

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Europe / Mexico


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Commande CIMN création - Mexique

electronics and signal processing

Jose Luis Ramirez

vocals and huichol violin

Enrique Ramirez

huichol guitar

Edgar Amor

guitar and electronics


Erik Truffaz



For this unprecedented musical encounter, Murcof invites two Huichol musicians, from Sierra Madre in western Mexico, and Edgar Amor, a guitarist from Tijuana, who is himself in regular contact with Huichol artists.

Huichol musical culture is both vocal and instrumental. It parts of a sacred calendar, a cycle of feasts and ceremonies. Singing is an expression of a cosmological vision. It transmits as messages to the gods, who listen with respect. To accompany their songs, the Huichol make their own instruments: the tepo drum and the sonaja (made of gourds) are pre-hispanic instruments, while Raberi is a small violin inspired from medieval raber.

Using electro-acoustic techniques, Murcof will extend and metamorphose traditional instrumental forms, and their melodic and rhythmic richness, to create a “hybrid” work that still shows respect for the musical identities in question.

Murcof has chosen to invite another companion to join him on this adventure, someone he has been performing with for several years now: the trumpet player Erik Truffaz, who is himself a lover of strange musical adventures.

Rates : 5 to 21 € - "Pass Détours" 3 concerts of your choice between 20th and 23rd April : 12 to 48 € - "Pass Mexique" 2 concerts on the 23rd April : 7 to 30 €

Commande et production DDB. Avec le soutien du Commissariat de l’Année du Mexique en France.

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