« Sis tenores i un senyor » by Carles Santos,
with Jordi Molina's Tenora Sextet
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Catalonia - Spain

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8 to 21 €

Carles Santos

composing, piano

Tenora sextet

Jordi Molina
Quim Durán
Xavier Molina
Xavier Cornellana
Enric Orti
Àlex Vila


Begoña Alberdi de Miguel


www.carles-santos.com www.jordimolina.cat


Two key figures from the world of Catalan music will perform together for the first time in France. Carles Santos, a pianist and composer with a huge reputation, and an artist who cannot be categorised, demonstrates a sense of provocation and a taste for the baroque worlds, positioning him somewhere between Fellini and Almodovar.
He had the idea of inviting Jordi Molina to join him on a search for the roots of popular and traditional Catalan culture (via one of his most typical instruments, the “tenora”, a kind of traditional oboe). This production will be disjointed and audacious – something quite out 22 of the ordinary.


Production Amunt Produccions - Coaccueil : Hexagone de Meylan / DDB

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