« N’Diale »
Jacky Molard Quartet & Founé Diarra Trio

Bretagne / Mali

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6 to 18 €

Founé Diarra


Jacky Molard

composition, violin, alto

Yannick Jory


Hélène Labarrière

string bass

Janick Martin

diatonic accordion

Kassim Sidibé

kamele n’goni, vocals

Alhassane Sissoko

djembe, carillan, calabash, choir


The N’Diale project (“joy” in Bambara, one of Mali’s indigenous languages) brings the quartet led by Jacky Molard, from Brittany, together with the trio led by Malian female singer Founé Diarra. In finding common ground between these two musical languages, which on the face of it appear to be so far removed from one another, the Bretons and Malians have made enormous efforts in terms of improvisation. African instruments (kamele n’goni, percussion instruments, singing) join forces with those from Europe (violin, saxophone, accordion, double bass) to create a group with a unique sound.


Co-accueil Le Diapason de St Marcellin / DDB

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