Discovering the contemporary Mexican composers
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France / Mexico


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Première européenne - Mexique

Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain

Pierre-André Valade


Horacio Franco

recorder solist


Yi Ping Yang

piano and percussion section solist

Candida Felici

electronics solist

Tambuco Percussion Ensemble

Ricardo Gallardo

artistic director

Alfredo Bringas
Miguel González
Raúl Tudón

Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain

The Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain will interpret instrumental and mixed works, most of which are being performed for the first time (two “recorder concertos”, written by two of the best-known and most widely-played of today’s female composers, Ana Lara and Marcella Rodriguez); the soloist is the outstanding flutist Horacio Franco, who is now recognised as one of the world’s top recorder players. Two other works, being performed for the first time anywhere in the world, will introduce us to the people who wrote them, Maldonado and Torrès, who are among most talented composers of their generation.


Over the past 15 years, the Mexican percussion ensemble Tambuco has established itself as one of the finest percussion quartets of all. Embracing all styles of music, and expressing themselves across all repertoires, ranging from structuralist music to ethnic music, the only constant is the desire of these musicians to achieve perfection and to produce a unique and virtuoso performance.

Rates : 5 to 21 € - "Pass Détours" 3 concerts of your choice between 20th and 23rd April : 12 to 48 € - "Pass Mexique" 2 concerts on the 23rd April : 7 to 30 €


Accueil DDB. Avec le soutien du Commissariat de l’Année du Mexique en France.