Quatuor Béla & Moriba Koïta
Impressions d'Afrique

Mali / France


8 to 21 €

« White Man Sleeps »

by Kevin Volans

« Impressions d’Afrique »

by Frédéric Aurier

Pieces for string quartet and n'goni

by Frédéric Aurier and Moriba Koïta

Quatuor Bela

Frédéric Aurier
Julien Dieudegard
Julian Boutin
Luc Dedreuil
Moriba Koita




The Quartuor Béla’s four musketeers are convinced that contemporary artistic expression has a duty to open itself up to all types of living and new music, so this encounter with Moriba Koïta, the great Malian storyteller who plays the n’goni (a traditional lute), is not the first adventure they have embarked on, far from the beaten tracks of their normal musical world. “However, we had never previously ventured so far from our cultural roots”.


Coaccueil : Hexagone de Meylan / DDB avec le concours d'Africolor. Projet soutenu par la Sacem

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