Trio d’argent & Banda Aires Oaxaqueños
& Harmonies de l’agglomération grenobloise
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France / Mexico


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Création - Mexique

Trio d'Argent

Michel Boizot
François Daudin-Clavaud
Xavier Saint-Bonnet


Banda Aires Oaxaqueños

wind instruments

César Delgado Martinez


Harmonies de l'agglomération grenobloise :

Grégory Orlarey


Ensemble musical crollois (Crolles)

Conservatoire Jean-Wiéner (Echirolles / Le Pont-de-Claix)

Espace musical Fernand Veyret (Claix)

The Mexican bandas, coming from the region of Oaxaca in Mexico (Tlahuitoltepec, Zoogocho...) are mostly composed from a subtle blend between the indians traditions of each valley, each village (mixed, Zapoteco ...) and the wind orchestra tradition imported in the nineteenth century by the French at the time of Maximilian.
François Daudin-Clavaud and his associates from Trio d’Argent offer this experimental creation, which is the fruit of an encounter between the Banda Aires Oaxaqueños and Harmonies de l’agglomération de Grenoble, positioned between two orchestral traditions that are separated by an ocean, yet still share a common past.
For this meeting, the repertoire of Mexican banda and French harmonies will be shared by the two orchestras and two news works will be written, one-by François Daudin-Clavaux, and the other by the Mexican composer Marcella Rodriguez.These two works will then join the respective repertoire of the Banda and the Harmonie.

Rates : outdoors : free - MC2 : 5 to 21 € - "Pass Détours" 3 concerts of your choice between 20th and 23rd April : 12 to 48 € - "Pass Mexique" 2 concerts on the 23rd April : 7 to 30 €

Commande et production DDB en coproduction avec Trio d’Argent / Coups de vent (Lens), Harmonies de la ville de Harnes. Avec la participation des écoles de musique de l’agglomération grenobloise (coordination Grégory Orlarey). Avec le soutien du Commissariat de l’Année du Mexique en France.