city-wide concert

France / Espagne

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Commande CIMN - création

Llorenç Barber 
composition and artistic direction

Stefano Colletti 
solist carillon 

Participation des élèves du Conservatoire de Grenoble, du SIM Jean Wiéner et de l'ensemble vocal IXCHEL.

Action plus

Concert : Barberidades, solo de Llorenç Barber, au château de Virieu, à la bibliothèque Jardin de Ville et au brunch #1

Rencontre scolaire
«Un ch'tit air de carillon !»

Urban concert for carillon and church bells

The composer, musician, performer and musicologist Llorenç Barber is a tireless musical activist. A world expert in campanology, he has set cities ringing on all the continents.  For Campana, the Spanish composer is taking over all the church bells in the city centre and featuring, as soloist, the 80 bells of the Nord Pas-de-Calais mobile carillon, while singers with megaphones will join the bell-ringer musicians in the different church towers, singing out to the populace like new-age muezzins...
In this unique concert Llorenç Barber will restore a sense of togetherness to the city, with everyone, depending on their position and how much they move around, having a different experience of this atmospheric symphony ringing out from the 'urban canopy'.

Look at the photos of preparation for this concert

For more informations :
- Interview of Llorenç Barber ici.
- Point of view of Georges Pin, music school Jean Wiéner. 
- Points of view of Eric Sutter / French society of Campanology and Richard Wleklinski / Association of promotion for campanary art


Advice : to appreciate better the concert, you can go in the ascent of Chalemont (who leads to the Musée Dauphinois) or on the terraces of the Musée Dauphinois (opened to the public for this occasion).

Commande et production CIMN, avec la collaboration du Conservatoire de Grenoble et du SIM Jean Wiéner. En complicité avec le Diocèse de Grenoble - Vienne, le Musée Dauphinois, les Éditions Glénat et ARPAC - Association Régionale de Promotion de l'Art Campanaire (Douai).