« Champ harmonique »
Lieux publics & cie




Pierre Sauvageot

composition and artistic direction

Jany Jérémie

artistic councellor

Toni Casalonga

conception – scenography

Pierre Andrac

technical director

Olivier Achez

stage managing

with the exceptionnal contribution of

Didier Ferment, Bruno Tondelier

We earth-dwellers may be the only inhabitants of the universe with the faculty of HEARING, because acoustic perception, noise and music cannot function without air or an atmosphere. The wind – which, after all, is merely air in motion – is a remarkable aleatoric composer. Pierre Sauvageot and Lieux publics & Cie set themselves a three-year deadline to invent a wind symphony for the benefit of listeners and walkers, produced by 200 instruments and resonators! Throughout the festival, the extraordinary Bastille site will play host to Balinese scarecrows, accompanied by a number of experimental instruments.

Production : Lieux Publics - Centre national de création, résidence au Festival Orel de Terschelling [NL] avec le soutien de la SACEM. Accueil DDB, avec le soutien de la Régie du Téléphérique de la Bastille