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from 10 to 15 €

clarinets and composition
Claude Tchamitchian
double bass
Farid D
Bijan Chemirani
zarb, daf, bendir

Participation de la fanfare Yebarov

Action plus

Master Classes :
- Improvisation modale avec YOM
- Percussions et rythmiques iraniennes avec Bijan Chemirani

The essence of the founding legend of the crossing of the desert

Loosely inspired by the Old Testament, The Silence of the Exodus is a return to his beginnings for the volcanic virtuoso klezmer clarinettist known as Yom. This project is inspired by the Jewish people's exodus from Egypt and long years they spent wandering in the Sinai Desert : thousands of people in a no man's land, abiding for decades while time stands still, travelling for thousands of miles while remaining static…
A hypnotic crossing of a mystical desert in a dialogue between oriental violoncello, Iranian percussion, double bass and clarinet.
To round off the concert, the Grenoble brass band Yebarov will join the musicians of The Silence of the Exodus to perform Eastern music with an oriental gypsy feel. 




Reservation : La Source 04 76 28 76 76 or here.

Commande Festival Île-de-France. Co-accueil CIMN et La Source - Fontaine, et avec le soutien de l'Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique

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