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David Harrington
John Sherba

Hank Dutt

Jeffrey Zeigler


Exploring forms of music with bows that know no boundaries

There is no boundary that will stop these explorer-musicians, who greedily devour new forms of music. With their vast repertoire built up since their beginnings in 1973, Kronos Quartet have created a marvellous music machine powered by every musical language, which they use to reinvent them. From rock to traditional music and jazz to contemporary, they have redefined what a string quartet can be. At Les Détours de Babel they are presenting a repertoire of contemporary works by numerous composers from all over the world, all of which resonate with the sacred and spirituality.


Reservation : Hexagone - Meylan 04 76 90 00 45 or here.

Co-accueil Hexagone, Scène nationale de Meylan / CIMN

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