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Production CIMN - création

Pierre Henry
composition, diffusion

Etienne Bultingaire

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Journée scolaire «découverte de la musique concrète»

Meditation based on Mass for the Present Time

"Maurice Béjart's ballet written for the 1967 Avignon Festival, on which I collaborated with Michel Colombier to compose the four jerks for Mass of the Present Time, was a liturgical ceremony transcended by dance that connected traditional rites with modern life. Religion is regarded as the bête noire of the modern era, and as a reaction to this I have always tried to express my conviction that liturgy in all its forms has a musicality about it. In contrast to all the dogma I offer internal prayer, which takes the form of a music of sounds. Now, after half a century of both secular and religious works, I wanted to use Mass for the Present Time to return to this idea of a universal liturgy through music, a kind of meditation." Pierre Henry


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