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Fatima Boutalaa, Aicha Ouaamoum, Touda Maarouf et Fatima Maarouf
 vocals and percussions

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Rencontre - débat avant le concert de la Source : «Arts populaires et héritage féminin» et d'autres actions prévues à Fontaine

The vocal heritage of the women of the Moroccan Atlas

"Asnimer" is the plural of "tanmmirt", which in the Amazigh (Berber) language means "gratitude and recognition". During celebrations, the women and girls of the Ait Bougamez Valley sing Amazigh songs, which are passed on from mother to daughter according to an ancient oral tradition. A rare opportunity to experience this unique, poetic vocal art.




Production Dyade A&D. Co-accueil CIMN, La Source - Fontaine et Biennale de Nord en Sud (portée par le Syndicat Mixte Pays du Sud Grésivaudan).

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