« Azuki », by Aurélie Maisonneuve and Léonard Mischler


5 to 13 €

Aurélie Maisonneuve

conception, composition, mezzo soprano

Leonard Mischler

conception, composition, bass

Bernard Poupart / Athénor

collaboration on scenography


In a very sober format, Azuki features two presences, or rather two identities, on stage: one soprano, the other bass, in the image of the acoustic landscape encountered by every human being, as soon as they start to experience life inside the womb.
Then, as in real life, everything begins to change: as the performance proceeds, each little member of the audience is led on a journey of discovery, construction of the self and existence, through the voice and the noise made by different types of matter.


Production : Athénor - St Nazaire et Nantes / Communauté de communes d'Erdre et Gesvres - Co-accueil : Espace 600 / DDB

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