Frédéric Galliano Kuduro Sound System
Angolan electro « lusophone » dance

France / Angola

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10 € (includes a cable-car round trip ticket)

Frédéric Galliano Kuduro Sound System

Frédéric Galliano


Lamy ‘Lamykpos’ Gomes Tavares

vocals, dance

Brusny Distel ‘Speedhy’ Yengo Ganga

vocals, dance

Melanie Thiburce


Steven ‘Wayne Capos’ Semedo

vocals, dance

1st part

DJ Lorenzo

(The original one man chauve)

At the first gala event in the Festival programme, a fantastic night awaits the public amid the casemates of the Bastille site, set against the impressive natural backdrop of the Belledonne and Vercors massifs. An evening dedicated to electronic music will feature DJ Frédéric Galliano, whose mixes, crossed with Kuduro music from Angola, look set to keep the Bastille dancing well into the night.


Production DDB en partenariat avec MixLab et la régie du téléphérique de la Bastille